Shaman- Healer- Seer

We all have a Soul level purpose in life and this is sometimes clear to us and sometimes not. Whilst the soul reading can be deep it won’t provide a blue print for living. Not everyone is destined to become a great healer or find a medical cure and change the world we all have a purpose of some sort. Whilst I cannot always tell you right away what it is there are steps I can take to advise where to start making changes and looking for the key that may appear lost to some, the key to open up your dreams and desires and make them reality.

We all have guides, angels and masters who are around us on a daily basis and they often protect us as well as offering their wisdom too. A Soul Reading is an opportunity to get in touch and connect with yourself at the Soul level, we are all individuals and we are all unique and this reading will mean different things to different people and at different stages of life. I work with you, your guides, angels and masters to bring assistance , guidance and signs and signals into your life for the best way forward

Psychic reading by Raven , ask 2 questions £19.99 order online,  please ask 2 questions click here to order online

Natural clairvoyant reading 5 questions using  £39.99 Order Online click here to order online.
Relationship reading with Raven  please ask up to 5 questions£39.99 click here to order online.
Soul Reading with Raven, please ask up to 5 questions £39.99 click here to order online. These readings are available on fridays only. Please book in advance.
Spirit guide and Angelic assistance reading by Raven, please ask up to 5 questions £39.99 click here to order online.